10 Best Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks for Sale

10 Best Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks for Sale

Best Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks

If you’ve spent any time looking at grandfather clocks, you’ve probably run into one name frequently: Howard Miller. This company is renowned for their ability to produce stunning timepieces that last long enough to become family heirlooms.

Their grandfather clocks are absolutely beautiful. Those considering adding a grandfather clock to their homes would do well by starting with looking at what Howard Miller has to offer. To demonstrate what we mean, we’ve created this list of the best Howard Miller grandfather clocks for sale.

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Best Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks

Ramsey Clock

Howard Miller Ramsey Clock

Howard Miller’s Ramsey Clock is a startlingly beautiful and classic-looking timepiece. You’ll see similar ash burl arches on top of grandfather clocks all over the place – not just in Howard Miller. The design is iconic, and it’s on fully arresting display here.

There are many other elements of this clock that make it an attractive option. It has a moon phase dial above the time dial, as well as intricately detailed weight shells and a lyre-style pendulum. On either side, there are fluted columns that lend the clock an almost architectural look.


  • Uses ornate and classic grandfather clock elements, like a swan neck pediment and lyre pendulum.
  • There’s a moon phase dial above the time dial.
  • There is no assembly required for the clock.


  • None reported yet.

J. H. Miller Grandfather Clock

Howard Miller JH Miller

The J.H. Miller takes the grandeur of the Ramsey to lofty new extremes. There is no denying that this large and elegant clock is a work of art.

You would not believe how much effort went into designing it. There are sixteen different species of hardwoods used in its construction. Examples of some specific wood types used include Cherry, Russian Walnut Burl, Ebony, Padauk, Black Cherry, and Pearwood.

The front glass panel features glass that has been beveled on all sides for some extra dimension. On either side of the panel, you’ll find carved columns with acanthus moldings on the top and bottom.

This is a mechanical, cable-driven clock. It can play Westminster, Whittington, or St. Michael melodies at your choosing.


  • Made from sixteen different types of hardwood – some of which are rare.
  • Comes with a brass nameplate that can be engraved with your name and a date of your choosing.
  • It has a built-automatic nighttime shutoff option.
  • The case is covered in ornate, exquisite carvings.
  • There are levelers under each leg so it can rest evenly on any floor.
  • The front door is made from beveled glass and can be locked to protect the clock.
  • It plays your choice of Whittington, Westminster, or St. Michael melodies.


  • It can be rather expensive.

Majestic II Clock

Howard Miller Majestic II Clock

If ever there was a word to describe the Majestic II Clock, we feel it’s already in the name: majestic. This large timepiece is more than just your standard grandfather clock – it’s a curio, as well.

As you can see, it’s made with shelves on either side of the pendulum. It’s a perfect setup for displaying some of your favorite decorative pieces. Additionally, thanks to its angled shape, it’s great for sliding into that corner you’re not otherwise sure how to decorate.

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  • The Majestic II doubles as both a grandfather clock and a curio.
  • There are plenty of shelves for storage built into the clock.
  • It has a beautifully detailed pendulum and weight shells.
  • There’s a moon phase dial on the top.
  • No assembly is necessary.


  • None reported yet.

Seville Clock

Howard Miller Seville Grandfather Clock

Want something that’s visually simple and uncluttered? We’d recommend looking at the sleek Seville. It has a touch of classical inspiration with the pillars on the sides and the flat pediment, but other than that, it’s refreshingly clean in design.

This is a good choice for spaces that you feel are otherwise getting too busy aesthetically. On top of that, with its dark coloration, it will pop out and contrast with light-colored walls.


  • Uncluttered design that’s perfect for those who don’t want their home to look too busy.
  • Inspired by classical architecture.
  • It has beautiful and simple weight shells and pendulum in the case.


Jasper Grandfather Clock

Jasper Grandfather Clock

The Jasper is another grandfather clock with a totally unique look that strays out of the traditional aesthetic comfort zone. Instead of having an ornately carved pediment on top, it has a case that rounds gently over the top of the dial.

With glass on all sides of the case, viewers get an uninterrupted look at the movement of the clock’s weight shells and pendulum. The overall effect is something that looks clean, elegant, and thoroughly tasteful.

Going beyond the looks of the Jasper, there’s also a bunch of convenient features to consider. It has an automatic nighttime shutoff option, for instance, that will mute the chimes at night, so you’re not disturbed. There are also levelers beneath the legs so the clock will always be level on any surface you put it on.


  • The clock is covered by a two-year warranty.
  • It comes with an heirloom certificate and brass nameplate.
  • There’s an automatic nighttime shutoff function so it won’t disturb you at night.
  • The cable-driven mechanics are traditional and durable.
  • It’s made in the USA.
  • There are levelers under the legs so the clock is as stable as can be.


Crescent Floor Clock

Everyone has their own unique aesthetic tastes, and your home should reflect those. If you’re getting into modern-style décor, why not get a modern grandfather clock like the Crescent Floor Clock?

It’s very clearly a one-of-a-kind clock. Instead of the elaborate wooden cases you’re likely used to seeing with grandfather clocks, it has a simple crescent-shaped body. One particularly neat thing about the shape is that there’s a cutout in the frame. When the clock’s pendulum is swinging, it actually swings through the frame and back again.

In other words, not only is this clock modern, it’s intriguing to watch it. It was carefully designed to an impressive effect.


  • It has a design with a fun and unique twist on grandfather clocks.
  • The frame is made from sturdy, long-lasting metal finished in aged silver.
  • It’s battery-powered, so no need to worry about pulling chains once a week.
  • There are adjustable levelers underneath the base to keep the clock stable.


Diana Floor Clock

Howard Miller Diana Floor Clock

Traditional wooden grandfather clocks don’t all have to have the same square shape. The Diana Floor Clock proves this with its tapered and graceful frame.

We personally love the carved leaf accents at the bottom of the glass panel and below the dial. The delicate swirls and flourishes almost add some kind of movement to the case of the clock that you don’t really see in many other places.

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Another nice quality this clock possesses is interior lighting. That way, you can enjoy the impressive look of the clock even in dimmer light.


  • Made from solid hardwood with a warm Embassy Cherry finish.
  • It won’t disrupt your sleep, as it has a nighttime shutoff function.
  • It plays the classic Westminster chime melody on the hour.
  • There are exquisitely carved leaf patterns on the front panel.
  • Adjustable levelers underneath each leg for added stability.
  • It comes with an heirloom nameplate and certificate.
  • The front door can be locked for extra security.
  • Covered by a two-year warranty for parts and workmanship.


  • None reported yet.

Mildenhall Grandfather Clock

Howard Miller Mildenhall Grandfather Clock

We can just imagine the stately Mildenhall Grandfather Clock resting in a luxurious office next to a plush leather chair or even in a library. This gorgeous clock has a no-nonsense rectangular frame with a flat pediment.

Inside, there’s a mirrored back to reflect the movement of the lyre pendulum. You get a crystal-clear view of its internal components, thanks to the beveled glass panel on the front door.

In terms of chimes, the clock plays the traditional Westminster melody.


  • The interior of the case is illuminated to give the clock a soft glow.
  • It has intricate metal weight shells and lyre-style pendulum.
  • Plays the classical Westminster chime melody.
  • Made from solid and long-lasting hardwoods.


Bedford Park Floor Clock

Howard Miller Bedford Park Floor Clock

The Bedford Park Floor Clock is another one you may be drawn to if you’re on the lookout for something that really stands out from the crowd. Unlike many other grandfather clocks, it has an extremely rustic appeal due to its hardwood build and hand-forged base.

This clock is truly as minimalist as it gets. We think it would work well in the homes of anyone striving for a combination of a modernism and rusticism, or in a modern-style cabin.


  • The legs at the base are forged by hand.
  • There are levelers beneath each leg so the clock can rest on carpet or uneven floors.
  • It’s battery-powered, which means minimal maintenance on our part.
  • Brings together a warm rustic feel and a modern approach.


  • None reported yet.

Cherish Clock

Howard Miller Cherish Floor Clock

If we were to describe Howard Miller’s Cherish clock, we’d say it looks like something you’d remember seeing in the comforting home of your grandparents. Its warm and lightly distressed finish in addition to the graceful arches on top give it a purely homey aesthetic that you’re sure to admire.

Furthermore, like the Majestic II Clock, it has integrated shelving. That means this clock earns its keep, as it gives you storage space.


  • The interior of the clock includes shelving.
  • It has a lightly distressed finish to give it an authentic antique look.
  • There is lighting in the cabinet to proudly display anything you put inside it.
  • It is covered by a two-year warranty on parts and craftsmanship.
  • You can lock the panel to prevent anyone from messing with whatever you put inside.


What to Consider When Buying a Howard Miller Grandfather Clock

Display Method

We may have included clocks on this list that are only freestanding, but keep in mind that that’s not the only way to display your grandfather clock. If you don’t have the space in your home for a grandfather clock that rests on your floor, there are other options available to you.

One such option is a wall-mounted grandfather clock. Such clocks are naturally smaller in size and rest on your wall, freeing up space on the floor. Another option to consider is a mantel or table clock, which you can display on tables, shelves, or even desks.

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Like with any other piece of décor in your home, size is always something to keep in mind. We touched on it briefly above, but we figure it’s worth mentioning again.

Even if you’re looking at one particular type of grandfather clock, such as a floor one, the sizes can vary drastically. The best thing to do is determine where you want to put your clock. Then, once you’ve got an idea of where it’s going to go, be sure to check the dimensions on the clock’s product page.

This will keep you from getting a clock that you’ll just have to return, either because it’s too large or even too small for the space.

Chime Melodies

For many, the sound of a grandfather clock is one of their best features. The gentle chiming of a clock can fill the silence of your home with a beautiful melody.

One thing to keep in the forefront of your mind as you shop for clocks is that there are different melodies available. Most grandfather clocks will play Westminster as a basic melody, but some other common songs include Whittington, Bim Bam, St. Michael, or Ave Maria.

If there’s a melody you like most, check the clock’s description to see if it plays your favorite.

Nighttime Shutoff

As we discussed above, the sound of a grandfather clock is lovely. It can be one of their biggest selling points.

Just because they sound lovely, though, doesn’t mean you want to hear them all the time. In the middle of the night, you probably want quiet to help you fall and stay asleep. This is where a nighttime shutoff function comes into play.

It works exactly the way it sounds: muting the clock’s chimes after hours. This is so you won’t have to worry about the clock waking you up with an untimely chime.

You can usually determine if a clock has a nighttime shutoff feature in the description. It’s important to check it out if you’re a light sleeper.


If it’s not the chiming that convinces you to buy a grandfather clock, it’s likely the looks. There’s nothing frivolous or shallow about wanting one as a decorative piece; grandfather clocks are strikingly handsome.

Howard Miller understands this concept, and has designed grandfather clocks in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Take some time to think about what style features are must-haves for you.

As an example, you can think about what you want your clock to be made from. Decide if you prefer wood or metal, and if you prefer wood, then what kinds of wood you think look best. The finish that goes on top of the wood is also important, as that has a tremendous impact on the final color of the clock.

Another detail you can factor in is how the dial and pendulum look. Ornate lyre-style pendulums are popular, but basic circular ones are common, too.

Wrap Up

Howard Miller truly is the cream of the crop when it comes to grandfather clocks. Their designs range from rustic to modern, from minimalist to ornately detailed. Whatever you’re looking for in a grandfather clock, you can trust that Howard Miller likely has a piece that’s perfect for your preferences.

The clock we like most on this list is the J.H. Miller. It’s an unmistakably regal clock that would make anyone feel like royalty when they put it on display. The sixteen hardwoods and extremely intricate carvings on the case make it unbelievably handsome.

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